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Mental Health Website

My Roles:

Lead Designer

Project Manager



Site Map


Visual Comp



Tools Used:

Adobe XD


User Insights

Since this web project was funded with grant money, we did not have the budget to perform a full study on the users. The client was able to provide us with plenty of information to help us understand the needs of their audience.


  • Typical user would be looking at services for someone else (They are a caregiver, guardian, concerned family member or friend).

  • User needs a way to access critical information in a crisis/emergency

  • User will be searching for up to date resources, possibly while in a state of distress

Site Map

A local non-profit with a focus on mental health was looking to take their physical printed resource guide, and turn it into an easily accessible online resource for their users and themselves.

The sitemap was one of the most important stages in the web design process. Our team had to make sure all aspects of the physical resource guide were represented.


This involved multiple reviews with the client to ensure the main navigation and sub-navigation were being organized in a logical manner.

Site Map Draft
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Sketches & Wireframes

Once the sitemap was approved, we moved forward with sketches and wireframes. I used the resource guide and content checklist to help me build out the page templates and wireframes. The wireframes were built to support the large amount of content that needed to be on the site.


Using the feedback from the client along with the organizations brand manual, we crafted a series of responsive page layouts that fit into the brand aesthetic, and a design that was able to support the large amount of content.


After the content and SEO were approved, we launched the site and tested it on multiple devices to make sure everything was working properly. The client now has a website that allows them to help people struggling with mental health. I developed a training manual and conducted a training session to help familiarize the staff with their new website. The content rich website is a great example of how accessible online resources can make a difference in the community.

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