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Healthcare Software Website Design

My Roles:

Lead Designer

Project Manager



Site Map


Visual Comp



Tools Used:

Adobe XD


User Insights

This project did not have the budget for user research, but our interview with the stakeholders provided us with information about everyday interactions they experience when trying to sell their product online.

Our main goal was to create a new user interface that was mobile friendly, and easy for users to find the information they need to schedule a consultation or download a demo of the software.


  • The product itself is very niche and is primarily used for medical billing.

  • Users can choose from multiple readymade software packages depending on their needs OR they can inquire about custom development.

  • Most users are unfamiliar with what they actually need and will need to set up a consultation before making a purchase.

  • The main goal of the site is to get users to download the demo and fill out a form to schedule a consultation.

A software company specializing in healthcare middleware and applications was looking for a modern website design to help sell their product.


Desktop and mobile wireframes were created to showcase the base functionality of the site. This included the product pages, pricing tables, and the form a user would fill out to receive more information on a specific product.

Site Map

The sitemap started with us organizing all of their software products, and outlining all of the website features including the software download link.

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Once the wireframes were approved, I moved into the design phase. We went through multiple iterations of the design before the client agreed to move into development. Overall the client was looking for a minimal aesthetic, and wanted to stay away from large and heavy color fields.

The client also requested a new set of icons to represent each available product on the site. I oversaw the design of these icons to make sure they would complement the website visuals.


Before the site was ready to launch we tested its functionality across multiple devices and browsers. I also wrote and implemented SEO based on content provided by the client.  After the client approved the site for launch I made sure it was set up with Google Analytics and Google Search Console to keep track of traffic after the site went live.

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