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Wayfinding System for
an Apartment Building

My Roles:







Tools Used:

Architectural Drawings

Adobe Illustrator

We designed and managed the production of 353 signs for an apartment building in Buffalo, NY. This included directional signage, room numbers, specialty room signs, emergency and instructional signs. 


Research, organization and planning comprised a majority of the work for this project. We started out by researching the requirements for signage in a residential building, this included ADA Compliance requirements.

With this information along with specifications from the architect we developed a signage schedule to make sure all required signage was accounted for on all four floors of the building.

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Once we figured out the different types of signs we would need to create, we started mapping out their placement. This portion of the project required us to make several trips to the building while it was still under construction. It was important for us to get a feel for the flow of the space as we plan out where the signage should be located, this would allow us to make the wayfinding experience as easy as possible for the residents and visitors of the building.


When it came time to start designing the signage we wanted to make sure residents and visitors were visually aware of what floor they were on. We assigned a different color to each floor of the building (4 in total). This would help prevent confusion since the floors were very similar in layout.

We also chose colors and typefaces that would complement the branding that was in development, along with the paint colors and fixtures that were selected by the architect. 


After the designs were approved we sent the files and sign schedule into production. The signs arrived on time and were able to be installed before the tenet move-in date. With help from the sign installers, we made some last minute placement adjustments that would help users navigate the finished space.

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